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Chair: Paul Exell (email: phone: 01793 703276)

Membership Secretary: Sarah McDermott

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

ORA Membership

So far our membership has grown in a few short months to over 150 individuals, so thank you to everyone who has shown an interest and signed up. 

If you have not joined the ORA, and are thinking of doing so, please continue reading...

If you would like to become a member, and live in Oakhurst, please email Steph Exell at , or phone on 01793 703276.  We require your name and email address* for membership, and would like to know your address if possible, to both verify that you are indeed a resident of Oakhurst, and to see what roads/areas are represented by our members.

We are also sensitive to data protection issues, and will honour any requests for information not to be held on electronic databases.

Membership is completely free, and will also allow us to keep you updated with ORA business.

If you do not live within the boundaries of Oakhurst, but are still interested in the business of the ORA, then you can apply to be an Associate Member.  You will still receive all the information that members receive, but will not be eligible to vote at ORA General Meetings, nor be able to become a member of the ORA Committee.

*An email address is not always a requisite, but we would prefer this medium to get in touch.  If you do not have an email address, or are unwilling to give us this information, please use the phone number provided to discuss your membership.