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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Out of the Blue - A Developer Came to Call

ORA have received a telephone call today from the developer at Tadpole Farm.  On receiving the call, ORA was hoping to hear that the developer had relented and was bringing Oakhurst residents the good news that they wouldn't have to wait for 564 houses to be built before the school building started.

Sadly, this was not the case.  The only reason the developer rang us up was to see if we were interested in their design codes.  They are the architects, they are the ones that pushed this through onto the community but now they have the temerity to approach us.

We know that some turkeys will vote early for Christmas; as the local councillors did when they said they were against inappropriate development but then proposed and voted for it.

The only thing that ORA would support on behalf of the residents of Oakhurst is if the developer came forward and said when and where would you like the school built on the Tadpole Farm site; thus helping existing residents to find a reception place for their children.

The developer has got its wish, the support of the local councillors and the MP.  We'll leave them to sort this mess out; a mess of their own making.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

News from the Doorstep - School Place Consultation

The Oakhurst residents are showing a level of anger over and above that of Tadpole Farm, when the gang of four said that they were against inappropriate development and then proposed and voted for it.

Second time around and the residents are still in no mood to forgive or forget.

ORA have been offered lots of help, advice and news concerning the school place consultation.  Residents have also offered to fund the leaflets and deliver them; such is the depth of anger over the consultation of obfuscation. 
ORA would like to thank residents for their generous offers but we already have enough people to deliver.  However, we would appreciate it if they could speak to their neighbours as promised.

Other groups are also contacting us about matters in North Swindon. Redhouse are surprised to hear about the 30-odd houses being planned for land adjacent to the village centre; especially as they tell us that there will be no improvements to Redhouse Way.

If there are any spare school places in Blunsdon then they are very likely to disappear because of pressure from the developments at Broadbush, Abbey Stadium and on the land between the A419 and Blunsdon.

Monday, 25 February 2013

The Old One Two: Rapid Transit Link planned for the East?

Talk about groundhog day.  Residents in Oakhurst are still stunned from the u-turning punch landed by the gang of four on Tadpole Farm's green and precious land when the next punch has already been landed on the East.  The East has fallen victim to the knockout punch of the Old One Two aka Heenan and Bluh.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Which School Site is Fairest Of All?

Oh dear.  Why has the fairy tale of a good boast evaporated for local politicians in the North?

Residents in Oakhurst know that some politicians enjoy putting party literature, that comes out of the blue, through their letter boxes.  What motivates them?  Keeping the leaflet business ticking over or actually informing residents what's important in their locality?  Are some politicians determined to follow a leaflet, bald of facts, with a dose of disingenuiness on the doorstep?

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Local Councillor Says Build a School on Oakhurst's Clifford Meadow

At a primary school place consultation event at Oakhurst Community Primary School on 21st February one of the local councillors has stated her intention to build a school on the Special Site of Scientific Interest, Clifford Meadow, in Oakhurst.  This field has protected status because of the rare orchids that proliferate in the never-ploughed ridges and furrows left untouched since Medieval times.

The councillor has consulted with the solicitor and she believes that the protected status of the field runs out in about 18 months time.  In the councillor's opinion it would then become an ideal site for a primary school and houses.  The whole field might as well be built on to complete the development.

The same councillor also suggested that a road should be built from another one of her preferred school locations, at Mouldon Hill Country Park, straight to Oakhurst Way.  When questioned by residents about how this road would cross the Swindon and Cricklade Railway Line and bypass existing houses they received no reply. 

Perhaps this mile long link road will cost as much as the long promised Northern Bypass, also a mile long, from Thamesdown Drive to the Great Western Way.  This is currently estimated, by the local councillors' colleagues, to cost about £110 million.

Residents were expressing dismay that the Tadpole Farm site, one that they believe will provide primary school places for Oakhurst children, is not the priority.

The Gang of Four Strike Again - Mouldon Hill Consultation

It was with some bemusement that residents have read the recent leaflet from the local ward councillors and MP about their need for a school at Mouldon Hill.   Residents are puzzled because they are under the impression that they are taking part in a consultation with Swindon Borough Council’s education department.
We now have a situation where four politicians have waded in.  Are they trying to skew the outcome?  Was the Oakhurst consultation an afterthought after residents had raised concerns that Mouldon Hill was the only option being given to them?

Friday, 8 February 2013

Chair of ORA writes to Education Department

29th January 2013

Dear Education Department,
Re: North Swindon School Place Consultation
I believe that I witnessed an injustice being perpetrated against Oakhurst families and their children when I attended the Mouldon Hill consultation session at the Tawny Owl on 23 January 2013 and felt I had to write to you to express my concerns about both the proposals and the consultation process. 
First and foremost I have to agree that there is a serious shortfall in the number of primary school reception places in Oakhurst and Redhouse.  We have numerous residents that have reported having their reception age children placed, against their preference/s, as far away as Rodbourne Cheney, Pinehurst and West Swindon for the September 2012 academic year.  In fact, ORA have been told by Oakhurst residents that they are thinking of moving or have been forced to move to secure a local school place for their child.