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Thursday, 21 June 2012

No Quote at Planning Committee - Mr Tomlinson, MP

It does not appear that Mr Tomlinson, MP is mentioned in the planning officer's committee report.  A text search of the electronic copy of the report (over a hundred and twenty pages long) does not seem to find a single reference to him.

Mr Tomlinson did not attend the planning committee but the planning officer reports a letter as follows:

"We’ve also received a letter from Justin Tomlinson MP, the local Swindon MP, who says:
  • The application does not demonstrate the local roads and beyond will be able to cope as they are.
  • There should be careful consideration as to whether the open space is sufficient or deliverable.
  • No guarantees have been provided that ensure that the necessary school places will be made available in reasonable time.
  • it is reasonable to question, in his view, whether the applicant will deliver the resources in suitable homes.
  • Consideration should be given to whether Tadpole Farm is still acceptable as a major extension given the abolition of the regional strategy."
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