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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Puzzle of Redhouse Village Centre

Planning approval has been given for 33 more houses on land at Redhouse Village Centre where there should have been a doctor’s surgery, retail units and other community facilities.  Residents are asking some questions: 
Ø  Why was no planning committee held to make this decision?
Ø  Why did local councillors pay the developer £240k for some land at the Village Centre?
Ø  Why did a local councillor say, at two public meetings, that the land was going to be given to SBC for nothing?
Ø  Why did a local councillor admit to seeing Village Centre plans in 2011 but didn’t obtain a copy of that plan for local people?
Ø  Is this the end of the much heralded cafe culture promised by local politicians to the residents of Oakhurst and Redhouse?